– Worn Gundidj, past, present, future

Our mission, since 1992, is to provide social and economic opportunities to Indigenous people. By building sustainable Indigenous-owned and operated businesses and helping individuals transition into stable employment, we can open up pathways to economic self-determination.

– Our history and people

Aboriginal communities have been self-reliant for thousands of years.

The arrival of settlers disrupted how Indigenous communities functioned and supported themselves. These events saw changes that ultimately led to socio-economic dependence. Many Indigenous individuals and communities are now reliant on government handouts.

Worn Gundidj has a different vision for our people. Through humble beginnings as a community development enterprise program (CDEP), operating on Gunditjmara country, we realised that as change agents we could offer a different path.

Our long-term vision is well-being and self-determination for Indigenous people. To achieve this Worn Gundidj has devised an innovative strategy. We have built a structure for economic self-determination and prosperity founded on employment services, participatory programs and social enterprises.

The Indigenous-owned and operated enterprise model led to the establishment of Tour Hill Tours & Worn Gundidj Visitors Centre and the Ngalawoort Nursery, now known as Worn Gundidj Nursery.

While maintaining a range of social enterprises, Worn Gundidj made a transition into state and federal employment, in 2007. The cessation of the CDEP at this time led to a shift in focus: assisting Indigenous people to enter the labour market. 

Two more enterprises are planned, with a target of Worn Gundidj becoming 50% self-funded by 2030.

– Our impact


– Worn Gundidj Board of Directors

Worn Gundidj is governed by a board of well-respected, skilled directors.

Shane Bell


Christopher Sheppard


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– Reporting

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