– Profit for purpose: Indigenous social enterprise model

Our Indigenous social enterprise businesses offer not just opportunity, but participation and ownership of opportunity.
Using a unique business model, we provide an entrepreneurial platform to help improve economic outcomes long-term for Indigenous and disadvantaged people.

-Worn Gundidj Indigenous Nursery

Established 1997
Formerly Ngalawoort Nursery
10 staff + volunteers
Produces 100,000 plants a year

Worn Gundidj Indigenous Nursery caters to land care groups, coastal planners, government agencies, local councils and commercial property developers.

In line with our environmental values, we share our horticultural expertise to encourage sustainable practices. By sourcing and growing native seeds, we promote local flora, distributing them to communities in Warrnambool and surrounding areas.

Worn Gundidj Nursery also sources and grows edible native seeds for our newest venture, the Worn Gundidj Seed Project. The goal is to raise awareness of Indigenous edible plants and produce more native bush foods in the community.

These initiatives create employment and participation opportunities at the nursery for Indigenous job seekers and community members. We also offer a raft of social engagement programs.

As experts in social procurement, we work closely with local councils and community groups to ensure our local and state social procurement framework is robustly supported.

Indigenous social enterprise Casuarina Nursery hothouse


0428 318 876

1-3 Rooneys Road, Warrnambool, VIC 3280

– Tower Hill Tours & Worn Gundidj Visitors Centre

Established 1992
Provides guided walks, culture, education
6 staff
International visitors 70%, local visitors 30%

Tower Hill is an international tourist destination. It attracts tourists from all over the world looking for an authentic Australian experience.

Worn Gundidj enhances this experience with unique insights into Aboriginal culture and heritage. In addition, our guides are informative about the local area and conservation efforts.

This enterprise provides a raft of employment opportunities for our local community. And not just for our tour guides. Tower Hill is also a destination for educational groups and events. By offering traditional ceremonies and catering we further increase participation within our community.

The Worn Gundidj Visitor’s Centre extends those opportunities to an even larger community. Along with direct staff, we support Indigenous makers and artists. The Centre connects local and international visitors with Indigenous products and art.

A close partnership with Worn Gundidj Indigenous Nursery enhances outcomes for both social enterprises. Areas of alignment include conservation, food, retail and Government partnerships.

Tourism & Retail Manager

0409 351 614

Entrance Road, Tower Hill, Victoria 3283